The Detection Of Public Policy In The Formation of Digital Citizenship



Online technologies have begun to penetrate society with many different applications and innovations since 1990s when the internet began to enter our lives. Until the early 2000s, various public institutions, private enterprises, municipalities, universities and other organizations began to enforce themselves to digital platforms. The concept of digital citizenship has emerged as a result of these developments. In this sense, the extent to which digital citizenship is addressed by public institutions in Turkey as a public policy constitutes the main theme of this paper. Firstly, 9 dimensions of digital citizenship handled by Ribble and his colleagues (Ribble et al., 2004) are going to be examined in the context of the policies of public institutions. Thus, it will be examined how public institutions contribute to Turkey's digital transformation and to what extent it contributes to digital citizenship.

     Keywords: Public Policy, Digital Citizenship, E-Government

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