The Effect Of Play Method On Creating Pattern Ability To Children In The Preschool Educational Institution




The purpose of this research is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the game method in acquiring pattern skills for children who attend the pre-school education institution. The working group of the study consisted of 44 children, including 21 trials and 23 control groups attending a pre-school education institution in the city center of Istanbul. The study was conducted using an experimental design with pre-test post-test control group. The "Personal Information Form" was used to get information about children and their families, and the "Pattern Competency Test" developed by Kesicioğlu (2013) was used to evaluate the pattern skills of children. The "Game Based Pattern Skills Program" prepared by the researcher for the children in the experimental group was applied three times a week for seven weeks and six days. Meanwhile, the children in the control group continued their current training. The data obtained in the study were analyzed using the SPSS 23 program. In the analysis of the data, Shapiro-Wilk test, Mann-Whitney U test and Wilcoxon Marked Rank test were used. As a result of the research, it was both seen that after the game-based pattern skills program, the children in the experimental and control groups did not make any difference in the ability of Pattern-Based Object-Oriented Patterning (p> 0.05); and that the children in the experimental group had a significant difference in the ability to complete the Missing Object in a Pattern and to Create an Original Pattern by Objects compared to the children in the control group (p <0,05). As a result, it was observed that the game-based pattern skills program given to children positively affected the development of pattern skills of the children in the experimental group.

Keywords: Pre-school Education, Play, Pattern, Mathematic, Education With Play. 

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